How Has Russ' Strategy Coaching Helped You?

How Can You Become A Strategic Leader?

My goal is to help you become a strategic leader for your business. There are three primary ways you can leverage my knowledge and experience:


Coaching clients virtually meet regularly (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) with Russ. We discuss their current situation and Russ helps the client identify the most important questions to ask and the best ways to answer those questions.


We use a strategy lab process custom designed to answer the client’s specific strategic question in a way that converges on the right answer, brings clarity to why the right answer is right (and why wrong answers aren’t), and achieves consensus across the team.


Russ has written four books related to strategic management (and Lord willing, more are on the way). He also regularly writes articles at ClearPurpose and in other publications. He also often speaks, teaches, and produces tutorials to help you learn strategic leadership.

About Russ McGuire

Russ started his career as a software engineer and over the years became a strategic leader at the highest levels. Now, he’s 30+ years in as an innovator and strategist in tech-driven industries. 

Trusted advisor. Strategy executive. Entrepreneur. Widely published author/writer. Highly valued speaker/teacher. Inventor. Husband. Father. Christ-follower.

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